Farm & Industrial Machinery
Dealers Association of Australia (FIMDAA)
A National Industry Sector Committee of the Motor Trades Association of Australia


Farm & Industrial Machinery Dealers Association of Australia (FIMDAA)


Years of severe drought followed by above average rainfalls in many parts of Australia has had a severe impact upon the farm machinery sector, with many farm machinery dealers experiencing a substantial downturn in sales and diminished business cash flow. The difficult trading environment associated with drought conditions placed significant pressure on the ability of farm machinery dealerships to retain apprentices and qualified staff and to employ new apprentices, with many dealerships forced to retrench staff or switch some employees to part-time work during the drought. As a direct result of the drought, many skilled workers have left regional and rural communities or transferred their skill sets to other sectors of the economy. FIMDAA, through MTAA, is currently working on policy responses to the issues of skills shortages and retention facing farm machinery dealers.

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